Rule & Regulation

Each child who joins the VYAS WORLD SCHOOL family is the starting point of our approach to education. It is the child who defines, redefines, builds and rebuilds our community and the purpose of our existence. There is no simple, single flavour to a VYAS child. But we believe that it would be fair to sum up our aspirations along the following lines:

  • The four fundamental capacities to think, relate, act and learn will be honed and nurtured to the highest possible level in each VYAS child. The child would be made conscious about his/her uniqueness and capacities.
  • Each child will be guided to develop highly evolved skills that are essential for the 21 Century like critical and systemic thinking, ideation, reasoning and questioning, emotional intelligence to aid in realising his/her potential.
  • Each child will be taught to appreciate and celebrate diversity of culture, abilities, religion, caste, gender and nationality.
  • Each child should feel legitimate pride in our nation. At the same time, a VYAS child must be able to locate and respect the local in the global and the universal in the regional.
  • Each child will be inspired to undertake a continuous process of self-discovery, of seeking the truth about oneself and the world around, through a process of reflection and dialogue.
  • Each child will be inspired and empowered to live a life of virtue and value, ethics and erudition, love and compassion and insight and aesthetics.