Our Motto

The school follows the motto. ”Be All That You Can Be”. It is the corner stone, around which the character and personality of every child is built.

At VYAS WORLD SCHOOL, we aim to instill in students the ability and conviction to realise their full potential, be socially responsible citizens and excel everywhere in the world.

In our motto lies our strong belief that your child has lot of potential which he/she and sometimes even parent might not be aware of. It will be our job to identify and bring out that hidden talent of your child in such a way that he/she may come out as a leader in his/her respective area of interest. This essentially means that we shall focus individually on every child to bring out his/her best. Our efforts will be towards nurturing him/ her to the maximum levels of academics, art & sports excellence, he/she is capable of.

We believe that every child is unique. He/she has his/her own IQ and aptitude. Through our innovative teaching methodology, we aim to discover their preferences at an early age. And then begins the real work. Polishing your child until he/she shines bright.


Orange, white and blue form the tricolour of VYAS WORLD SCHOOL that reflects our approach to life and learning.

Orange, dynamic and charged with the energy of youth, symbolises a passion for knowledge, and action of both mind and body.

White, in its purity, represents the values of friendship, integrity and unity, of sensitivity to others and peace, which is our collective responsibility as a part of a global community.

Blue shows a deep grounding. It is the colour of endeavour and endless possibilities.