Dear Parents,
It is my privilege to welcome you to the VYAS WORLD SCHOOL. We endeavour to create a learning environment in which all children will feel enabled and encouraged to become successful learners. A caring and challenging school culture will ensure that students grow up into responsible and courageous members of our society. At the heart of our effort, is the attempt to give the right values to our children.

Education at VYAS WORLD SCHOOL will combine the best of progressive and traditional learning, and assessment models. Our teaching-learning process is designed to give children a strong foundation in academics, and simultaneously to enrich their personal development. It will encourage independent thinking and catalyse creativity and solid reasoning, all in a positive, nurturingenvironment. Students will apply their knowledge to solve real problems in their immediate context, strengthening their understanding of concepts and the ability to reect, analyse, and communicate.

We will promote these models through all aspects of school life. Each student will be encouraged to accept responsibilities for self-discipline, to develop self-respect and compassion, to contribute to the community and through their school life, develop a love for learning whilst continually striving for excellence. Our dedicated faculty and all our members of staff are committed to creating a learning environment that will maximise the quality of education.

We also recognise the vital role that parents have to play in contributing to children's success and happiness at school. We therefore, seek to build strong and supportive partnership with our parent community, and look forward to their close involvement with the school and its programmmes.

I am looking forward to welcome you at VYAS.

Inderpal Singh Bagga

Dear Parents,
Almost everyone agrees that quality education is about possibilities, success in real life, unleashing the child's own talents, excitement in learning new things, being a good human being and a contributing citizen. Though almost everyone talks about it however, not enough is being done about it. For most children, schooling is about being leashed, not unleashed. About fearing failure, not pursuing success. About rote learning, not deep understanding. About routine and boredom, not excitement and fun. About isolation from community, not engagement with it.

VYAS WORLD SCHOOL has chosen the path of educating children as opposed to just schooling them. Our endeavour is to help children develop to their full potential. To be all that they can be. The secret of entering into the innocent mind of a child lies in the art of caring, giving and understanding the essence of purity that a child possesses. A tremendous amount of care and nurturing goes into the physical, mental and cognitive teaching methodology, as it steadily unfolds the child's true and inherent potential. We at VYAS WORLD SCHOOL, promise all of you that we will do all that is required to realise & actualise the true potential of your child and reach him/her to the position & magnitude he/she deserves.

Our vision will always be constant: we believe that each person comes into the world with a personal destiny to fulll, equipped with all the aptitudes and talents required to realise his/her ultimate purpose. As educators, it is our duty to create an environment that nurtures and cultivates each person's giftedness, providing experiences through which they develop and hone essential skills including, most essentially of all, how to gain the knowledge they need and apply that knowledge in creative new ways to make a unique contribution to their world.

Education is the foundation of life that keeps the wheels of progress and development running. Keeping this in mind, the school will offer an impeccable quality. It is the mélange of wholesome educational programmes that facilitate the child's quest for knowledge, enhancing the quality of life and preparing them for the real world. Welcome to VYAS and explore it for yourself.

Dr. Sanjay Wadhwa

“The heart of education is the education of the heart”. We, be the Teachers or Parents, play a pivotal role in developing the thinking process of a child.

Intelligence is a potential that a child is bestowed with by the nature whilst thinking is a skill of knowing how to use this intelligence aptly. Education in the form of ‘literacy and numeracy’ is not enough, it is the ‘operacy’ (ability to do things) which will rule over the other two to make her/him produce results as it is the real world where each child will have to ultimately act and operate.

We need to allow them, encourage them, support them, to gather experiences and learn through these experiences. We ought to ensure that children engage in sports, cultural and co-curricular activities, without losing sight of their academic pursuits.

We, at Vyas World School, are committed towards providing a conducive environment wherein they develop sufficient skills to help realise the dream or aspiration that he/she or his/her family envisions and I, both as an educationist and mother, shall devote every minute in ensuring that.

With best wishes and warm regards

Neelima Jain