Discipline is a word that is often misused. Many people equate discipline with punishment or at least believe that punishment is the way to help people achieve discipline. However, at VYAS, discipline will be about teaching children appropriate behaviour and helping them become independent and responsible people. The purpose of discipline will be to encourage moral, physical and intellectual development, and a sense of responsibility in students. Children and students cannot become followers of truth and principles, unless their motivation comes from an internal locus of control, that is, until they learn self-discipline.

This self-discipline must emerge not only from the rules of the school but also from a sense of respect for others, for the institution and for the community as a whole. We believe that self-discipline is the most critical element for success in life and that this is best developed at a very early age by dialoguing with the children and helping them see reason and finding their own truths. On the whole, we believe rewards and incentives for correct and desirable behaviour are more effective than punishment.