Homework Policy

Careful consideration has been given to develop our school’s Homework Policy, which specifies the type and amount of homework assigned to a student. Homework not only provides an important extension to the pupil's learning processes, but encourages qualities of perseverance, self-discipline and shows that education continues beyond school. It is one of the important areas where both home and school can work together for the benefit of your child. The following advice is an attempt to make this partnership as effective as possible.

  • The homework time–table for each grade is prepared by the Class Teacher as per the Homework Policy.
  • All home works are required to be completed and submitted within the prescribed time.
  • Try to ensure that your child has a well-lit working area (maybe a bedroom or dining room) but preferably away from any distractions.
  • Try to show an interest in your child’s work both at home and at school. Listen to problems; ask him/her about their day but without making this an ordeal.
  • If your child is having difficulties, you may guide, but don’t do the work for them.
  • If a student seems to spend more time on homework than expected, parents may inform the school by making a note on the diary.
  • Pupils who do not complete a homework task will have their diary stamped with warning and a new date to submit. Parents of pupils who continually encounter difficulties in completion of homework must meet the respective teacher and principal to find permanent solution.