Children spend sixteen of their formative years in school. The journey that begins as a nervous yet curious three year old in the playgroup, reaches its peak as a young and confident adult passing out from Grade XII. The voyage of discovery, exploration, reflection and learning is continuous, as the child moves from one grade to the next. Different years come with their varied demands and needs.

VYAS is committed to enable and sustain learner-friendly approaches in education. Therefore, all initiatives in VYAS have a raison d'être - they are thoughtful, simple and enduring. Cultural and pedagogical innovations are introduced in the curriculum of the school, keeping in mind the requirements of children and young learners. The requirements of children and young people are understood in terms of the values added to their character, their evolving aspirations, creative selves and endless potential to find confidence and success in life.

Modern research has reconfirmed that children have differing gifts and there is no one, single method to draw the best out of them. Our approach to education encompasses the rich diversity in the ways children absorb and react to stimuli, relate to others around them and manifest their intelligence. Our curriculum uses integrated and theme-based instructions, and the weaving together of multiple disciplines and co-curricular activities. These methods make learning both challenging and fun, whatever the developmental abilities the child may have. We will begin each year with our foundation programme, which aims to discover each student's unique learning style, strengths and needs. The informal atmosphere and the novelty of shared teacher-student activities generate a free flow of thoughts and ideas, paving the way for easing new students in the more formal space of the classroom.

Curriculum Pre-Primary & Primary

Our pre-primary children blossom in a nurturing environment. Sensory development and environmental studies approach to learning, makes our curriculum holistic and child-centric. Hands-on activities with music and dance will provide each child with lot of opportunities to maximise his/her potential in a comfortable and non-competitive environment. Fun activities for the pre-primary like Splash pool, Parents day out, Grandparents day etc. would be an integral part of the value based education followed across the school.

The curriculum in the primary school aims at the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of the children. It follows the principle of integrated education. Hands-on experiences play a major role in nurturing the spirit of exploration and enquiry. The language curriculum is designed to provide rich experiences in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Children build connections with language, math and science in their surroundings. To deal with a mathematical concept, concrete material, relevant situations and games will be used.

The Science Curriculum will provide opportunities for exploring, experimenting, observing and drawing conclusions. Sports Curriculum will lay emphasis on development of gross motor skills, stamina, flexibility, balance, strength and overcoming fear. Art and Music are languages through which a child can express himself/herself creatively. Our emphasis is not on the mere skill of drawing, singing or playing an instrument. The focus is on exploring these forms of arts and equipping children with basic skills needed to develop appreciation of art and aesthetics.

Middle Years

At VYAS WORLD SCHOOL, the middle school years provide the foundation on which young learners build a promising and fulfilling future. The middle years are also the critical period when the dice can roll either way. The child might develop an enduring and joyful relationship with learning or come to view it as a detestable chore. It is the time when the child begins to ponder over questions like, "Why am I learning, what am I learning? How will it help me in my 'now'?" The challenge for educators is to create the right contexts and experiences for learning that resonate in the student's mind.

Our curricular practices are built on the holistic approach of the early years. As a school is committed to facilitate learner-friendly and experiential education, we are also committed to enable a high level of academic rigour in all its classes, from Primary and Middle to Senior Secondary. This is because we believe in facilitating a viable programme of teaching-learning that enables our students to compete with students from other schools and cultures across the region. By the time, children reach the end of the middle years, they are expected to accumulate those skills and knowledge that will stand them in good stead not just in the senior years but for life.