Individual Attention

Individual attention to every student will be given, as we firmly believe that every child is special and unique, and his/her need is different from the needs of the other students in the class. Needs of every student would be diagnosed and tailor-made solutions will be provided for the same. To make this possible, we will ensure a maximum intake of 35 students, as we firmly believe that 'Smaller the strength of the students, Greater the attention given to the child during learning, evolution and feedback'. With less strength in the class, the educator can also spend more time per student and access to common resources like computer, library facilities, etc. is also higher.

It's a first of its kind in Bareilly, wherein, we have made provision for remedial classes for those students who are either slow learners or require extra support. These classes will be conducted with the aim to focus more on the basis of the subject required by certain students.

Similarly, enrichment classes will be provided for the extremely talented students. These classes will ensure a better command on the subject so that the student can not only outshine his/her class but the whole of town and region.

Trained counsellors, for psychological and emotional counselling, will be made available for students. The assistance of counsellors will equip the students with the requisite skills, for adolescence.

We will also conduct regular aptitude test to identify the traits which will help the student in identifying their career paths.

For our senior students we have set up a Career Guidance Cell that will help the students in making a choice for their career, as the cell will give them exposure to a wide spectrum of career options.