Vyas World School
Registration Form
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1.Name of the applicant **  **          
2.Date of birth **
3.Father's Name
4.Mother's Name
5. State
6.Residential Address **
7. Pincode
8. Select Locality
8. (a) Present School & Class
(b) Recognised/Unrecognised:
(c) Affiliated to (CBSE/ICSE/U.P. Board):
(d) Nationality of the child:
(e) Religion:
(f) Class in which last studied:
(g) Medium of Instruction:
9. Contact Mobile No. (s)**  Whatsapp No :
10. Email Address
11. Sibling Real brother/sister only
[Tick the appropriate]
If sibling in the same school, Sibling Name 
Give details of sibling Class-Section 
12. Whether SC/ST/OBC/Gen.
13. School Alumni
[Tick appropriate] If Yes, year of passing
(A) Father
(B) Mother
14. Child with Special Needs
[Enclose authenticated documents]
15. Educational Qualification
[Choose highest qualification only]
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(A) Mother
16. Gender(Boy/Girl)
17. Parents Occupation
Father   Occupation
Organisation Name
Organistion Add.
Mother   Occupation
Organisation Name
Organistion Add.
18. Single Parent
[Tick the appropriate]
19. Whether Transport Required? 
20. Total Income 

A Declaration
1. We accept the process of admission undertaken by the school and I/We will abide by the decision
taken by the school authorities.
2. We also understand that the application / registration / waiting list does
not guarantee admission to my / our ward.
3. We hereby certify that the information provided by me / us in this form is correct.
4. We understand that if the information provided by me / us in this form is found to be incorrect or false now or later, my / our ward will be automatically debarred from admission without any correspondence
in this regard.
5. Application fee is non-refundable even if an application is either rejected or enrollment is cancelled.
6. Application details are non-changeable after submission.
7. Registration charges Rs. 300/- non refundable.

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